Patio Remodeling - Which Professional Should I Hire?

Patio Remodeling - Which Professional Should I Hire?
If you're plannning to remodel your patio, you need to prepare for it well enough. Of course, you can do this best with the guidance of a specialist. Go to the reference of this site for more information about Ross Services.

If you don't even have an idea whom to approach, here are five types of patio builders and their differences:


An architect is someone who designs residential, business and other types of structures, including landscapes. The focus of their practice often depends on their professional degree and experience, and state license. Architects can work with patios, but they generally design both the interior and exterior of entire houses, buildings or structures.

Landscape Architects

A landscape architect has at least a four-year college degree and a minimum of two years of experience working under the auspices of a licensed landscape architect. Their role is basically focused on drainage, irrigation and grading. Being horticultural experts, they are also well-versed in terms of what plantings will thrive in your area. To read more about the Ross Services , follow the link.


A designer is any professional who has acquired a degree in design from a reputable school or course provider, or has years of hands-on experience designing exterior and interior spaces. They may or may not have additional coursework that lets them design a patio or any other exterior space.  

Landscape Designers

In most cases, landscape designers have completed a minimum of four years of landscape design as a college degree. The best ones are those who have years of hands-on experience and of course, a state license. Landscape designers are generally hired by design/build firms to execute plans for exterior living areas, including patios.

Garden Designers

Anyone with knowledge of plant material could be a garden designer. But of course, you should pick someone who has completed landscape and hardscape design courses and has studied horticulture. Many design/build firms have garden designers in their team.

If you're planning to hire a patio professional, consider it as a screening process for a potential employee. You should meet every one of the candidates prior to deciding who's right for the job. Most of the time, it's a common sense affair. Or let your instincts guide you. If someone seems inexperienced or vague, bring in the next contender. Don't choose the cheapest offer just because its the cheapest. You always get what you pay for. Explore more wisdom about patio remodel

In addition, ask each patio designer or builder on your list for at least three references. Of course, you'll want to work with someone who has experience with jobs that are similar to what what you'd like them to do. Very importantly, find someone who actually gets your vision for the project because in the end, this is what makes it a real success. Finally, don't focus on one prospect. Have at least two or three so you can compare them before choosing.
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